Re-Defining Enlightenment

The other day I read a statistic that stated that Millennials are now the largest demographic that has ever existed in America, defining them as being between the ages of 18 and 34. Being that I am going to be turning 34 in a little over a month, it appears as though I am at the front of this age group, and somehow feel that I am in a leadership role because of that.

From this perspective and looking at the state of the world and the different energies going around in politics, religion, and other world and local affairs, I find myself asking a big question: “What can be done to help change the world?”

Being that we are now the largest demographic in the United States, and understanding that there is energy behind numbers, it is time that we start putting our energy to better use. And in a world full of distractions, consumerism, and screens that change every 5 seconds, it’s time to get back to the basics and understand what this game of life is really about. And thus, to clear up confusion and begin moving past the dogmas and systems of old that have led us to where we are now, it’s time to redefine a few things and bring these concepts into the Millennial’s 21st Century.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s just go with a basic understanding of enlightenment as being made aware of something that was previously hidden or misunderstood by your logical/emotional/reactive human mind. I know that’s a simple definition which makes enlightenment seem as though it could simply be considered a part of daily life lessons, but just work with me here. I am fond of telling people that enlightenment is simple. So simple in fact that it’s difficult. We humans like to make things difficult, so for such a big concept to be made so simple just does not compute in our minds.

At this point I find myself debating if that simple awareness is enlightenment, or if enlightenment is the process of becoming aware, integrating that knowledge into your Being, then consciously evolving. But that begins to get into a topic of choice that only further muddies the waters of enlightenment, so, returning to simplicity, enlightenment is about awareness. “Being enlightened” signifies that an end goal has been achieved, the mountain top reached. But if you are at your end goal, what happens next?

Thus, enlightenment is not a destination; enlightenment is the journey. Becoming aware, becoming unaware; growing and evolving, falling back a few steps; the evolution of consciousness; or enjoying your current place in the process for a day, week, or year. Cycles of enlightenment are cycles of awareness, where conscious evolution is the main objective. We grow, we evolve, but that, too, changes. We “fall back to sleep”, so to speak, or enjoy a period of ignorance in the matrix.

Growing up in the Christian faith, my young mind first dealt with this thread of thought when thinking about heaven and hell. After I surmised that God just wouldn’t create a place like hell to send “himself” forever because he “was bad”, I got to thinking about Heaven. Pure bliss for all eternity? Jesus, that sounds boring! (Pun intended.) After all, at some point, wouldn’t you forget to know what “bad” was if all you experienced was “good”? Perhaps this is the point of the dualistic dimension in which we currently exist.

So Hell is more the state in which we find ourselves when we are immersed in ignorance, being punched around by life. Heaven is when we see the experiences in our lives from a new awareness and perspective, changing our inner Being and bringing a little more magic back into reality.

That is a little clue as to what enlightenment can really lead to. In the age of superheroes and Harry Potter, the thing on everyone’s minds is bringing magic back into the world. Well, I surmise that the only way to do that is to begin to clear the fog of ignorance and gain a little awareness as to the true nature of reality. With that awareness comes enlightenment, and with that enlightenment comes magic.

Who among my generation is ready to “take the reins” of this co-creation we call reality, beginning to shape it into the world that we know it can be, instead of the world that those before us have made it become and continue to do so? A new age of enlightenment has begun, and it starts with a little more awareness.

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