I’m Tired of Hearing About Your Startup Depression
Dave Balter

This post is super lame.

People who write about depression are not bitching. They are offering their experience, often at risk to their professional status, to start a dialogue that helps themselves anyone else who has or is experiencing it. Telling someone to “get counseling or medical help” at the exclusion of connecting with others who have faced a similar circumstances is dehumanizing. If you’re a CEO, often the only way to find others to discuss your specific experiences is to write publicly about it. Since most people keep their experiences of depression private for fear of further isolation, it’s very hard to find people who have been through what you have. Medical professionals who treat depression often have never experienced it themselves, and almost certainly have not experienced it in the context of being a CEO, so they are not in a position to give you actionable advice about what to with respect to business matters.

Finally, depression, by definition is a matter of flawed perception. You’re not able to feel grateful, even though logically you have lots to be grateful for. So telling someone to just be grateful isn’t helpful.

Not sure what motivated you to write this post, but if you are ever find yourself experiencing depression and need to write about it in order connect with others, I hope you don’t have to read a post like this encouraging you to stay silent.