Top 3 Cities of Orange County in Real Estate Sector

Fountain Valley is one of the city in Orange County in United States of California. This city came into existence in the year of 1957. Earlier it was known as Gospel Swamp. It is located in south west of San Francisco and nearby to Huntington Beach on the south and to its north side it is surrounded by Garden Grove. In the north east it is surrounded by Santa Ana and in south east by Costa Mesa. As this city is not developed, residents of this city are working in developed areas. But in recent year with the growth of Commercial Center near Santa Ana River, residents prefer to work in their hometown. Due to very high water table in this area Fountain Valley name was chosen. District Administrative offices of Orange County sanitation department are located here which is very next to Santa Ana River. This agency is the third largest sanitation agency in Western United States. Municipal water district of Orange County is also located here.

Earlier the residents were doing agriculture work basically of strawberries plantation, but now in order to increase economic growth of the country, they are turning to small business. America’s Hyundai motor, D-Link Corporation, Kingston Company, and other related industries shows that economic growth of the city is rising.
Earlier Fountain Valley settlers constructed drainage canal in order to make land for the use agriculture purpose. This process was continued till 1960, thereafter construction of housing projects started.

This city is safe for families. And it fulfills all the needs for ideal living. This city has different levels of school like elementary schools, K-8 school, middle schools and high schools. For sports this city provides the services of 18- hole golf courses, 55 acres center of recreation having tennis courts, basketball courts, gymnasium center, community center and senior center. It has also the facilities for play fields, picnic spots, 20 acres area is planted with California native plants. For the safety of residents there has been well established police department. For the safety and health of the people fire stations and hospital are also there.

Position of Real Estate in Fountain Valley in Comparison to Huntington Beach & City of Costa Mesa

Fountain Valley real estate covers town homes , single family homes and condos. Commercial properties are also available. Due to sub-urban nature of the city, real estate sector is in developing stage. Huntington Beach is the place for regular tourist visits, and various competitions like kite flying are being held here, Ocean breeze provides new feeling among visitors and they never afraid to invest money in real estate sector. Surrounding cities nearby to this beach are also very well developed since 1970, and people are making good deal in selling their properties and purchasing in this area.
City of Costa Mesa has its own beauty in terms of demographic outlook provided by surrounding communities of Newport Beach and Irwine and it has also increased the purchasing power. Here the community takes interest in retail commercial business.


Each city has its own beauty, culture and demographic outlook on the basis of which it is liked and disliked by people. It is natural for every human being to grab the good thing and leave ideal thing behind. This is same procedure in case of real estate sector. Property rates are high in beautiful cities. As Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa cites are well developed and sourended by natural beauty is obviously attracting visitors attraction. Fountain Valley is also developing and sooner real estate sector will be in boom in this city also.