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apparently you did not comprehend everything I wrote. I stated those were just presidential election figures. I am aware of midterm elections, but those don’t normally attract the numbers of voters that presidential elections do. My calculations are not skewed. ID’s are not unconstitutional unless you don’t care who gets to vote in our elections? You left wing wackos don’t care if people are American citizens or not. You just want to sweep things under the rug and pretend that every vote automatically comes from a legal American citizen 18 years of age or older. You choose to ignore the cases of dead people voting. The point of election officials is to keep people from voting twice AND make sure a person is a legal citizen of the United States 18 years or older, is REGISTERED to vote, and is still ALIVE! Having to show proof that you are the person on the voter rolls is completely acceptable! Your so afraid of potential disenfranchisement that you can’t even accept reasonable Identification laws. Btw there was a lot of voter fraud in the Kennedy vs. Nixon election.

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