I do remember when Evangelicals used, or misused, scriptures to fight interracial marriage.
Mark Saylor

I forgot one thing in my response. Regarding who I am supporting for President; Yes Trump committed Adultery, but he has apologized, now that may not be enough to some people, but one of the qualities of Christianity is forgiveness. Trump has apologized sincerely and it is time to forgive. So many people have a distorted view of Trump because the Media for the most part is biased against him. Hillary takes money from Muslim Countries and then claims to be a champion for women; Hillary destroyed or ordered destroyed emails she should not have; Lied about Benghazi; Lousy restart with Russia; so on and so on. If we wait for the perfect candidate none of us would be qualified for president. We need to put the election in GOD’s hands; GOD knows best and he can use anybody; Moses was poor of speech, David committed adultery but is responsible for the Psalms; Solomon couldn’t control his lust but was the wisest person to ever live; In the New Testament there is Saul who became Paul, he started out viciously going after and persecuting the earliest christians around Jerusalem and Israel and then on the road to Damascus he underwent a profound change and became possibly the greatest Christian Missionary of the time if not all time and is also responsible for writing approximately 2/3 of the New Testament.

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