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Hi , i’m Jeremie Kornobis, UX designer at OpenPaaS project and I want to share you the documentation I established from multiples sources listed in the document for every new incomer on project OpenPaaS.

The purpose of the this document is to give every new incomer on project the keys…

functional testing

by Matthieu Baechler / mbaechler@linagora.com

IMAP being a text line-oriented protocol, it’s quite easy to write functional tests based on recorded sessions. It’s also a very well-documented protocol with a good base-RFC and a lot of extension RFCs.

We would like to write a comprehensive testsuite that could be able…

Working around Tuple

Antoine Duprat aduprat@linagora.com

1. Needs

In a current development, we have to store some properties in a Cassandra table.

Such properties can be represented as the following class:

public class Property {    private final String namespace;
private final String localName;
private final String value;
public Property(String namespace, String

Inline validation is the name of a reactive validation system applied to some fields. In real life, it’s when you are typing “John Smith” in a nickname registration field and the service, after an awkward slight cough, turn everything on red and suggest you “john_smith_983543″ instead.

Or maybe not. John…

Awesome PaaS

A fully Open Source collaborative suite #paas #free #opensource #webrtc https://open-paas.org https://hubl.in

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