CodeForCash — Part 2

Preparing For The Uphill

Let’s do it.

  • Upgrade Item — Name of the image I wanted; e.g., Monitor, memory, cable modem etc
  • Envision — What I pictured in my head; e.g., the dial-up modem, the envision row said “old school rotary phone with some action that it’s being ‘dialed’ connecting to the internet (maybe a cloud in the background)”
  • Image Similar To — What I found on google of what I wanted it to look like if it was too hard to describe
  • Status — For the designer to mark if the image was completed, in progress or not
  • Comments — In the event any questions came up
  • [Name of upgrade] : [What I described]
  • Motherboard: “cartoon’ish motherboard”
  • Memory: “should look like a stick of memory”
  • Power supply: “power supply with a lightning bolt on top or something”
The initial images from Ken
Looking a little bit better, now with the images and particle emitter
The result.
Before. Code Reviews
After. The reference is to Reviewboard (and other code review systems); when the code is good, the person reviewing the code will mark it as ‘Ship it!’
The reference is to IDEs such as JetBrain’s IDEs — Resharper, PHPStorm etc
Before. Refactor Code
After. When you refactor code, you clean up code (hopefully). So there’s a broom that’s cleaning up spaghetti (which is alluding to spaghetti code)
Source Control — Before. The reference is that a lot of source controls, such as GIT, have this concept of branches where you can diverge your code and eventually merge it back into the “master” branch
Source Controller — After
Adopt a methodology — Before. I was trying to tongue in cheek the Waterfall and Agile methodologies, so there’s a waterfall and then a “scrum” at the bottom of it
Adopt a methodology — After
Before. MVC. Reference is to keep your Controllers as thin as possible and put your business logic in Models (hence fat). The View is just the icing on the cake, which is the presentation
After. Look at that icing, hell ya
GPU (graphic processing unit) is a painting as the joke is we’re all GPUs
The theme of crypto-mining was to have something that churned out money faster and one that reduced your electricity (i.e., increase your bucket capacity)
The mining node, I got the idea from World of Warcraft
Getting close, but the last 10% is the hardest part




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Simon Leung

Simon Leung

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