We have all been through the struggle in trying to keep our shoes unworn as much as possible. It is an inevitable fact that our calf plain leathers will be exposed to creasing, scuffing, color fading, and much more. The great thing about dress shoes is that they are made to last! The only problem with achieving this ideal is that we have to find and apply the proper care to assist our shoes in reaching its everlasting purpose. So here are some major tips on how to keep your shoes looking fresh and new!

Firstly, you must always use…


Everyone knows that shoes are the prime dictator on reaching success to any outfit, and many of you have experienced the struggle of deciding whether your sand brown oxfords or charcoal monk straps would work best with your fresh navy tropical wool blazer.

What many of you don’t know while you have slipped on your shoes is the miles they have walked beyond your lifetime. Who would think that your shoes would carry historical value? But they do! …

Awl & Sundry

Awl & Sundry is a fashion brand that allows men to design their shoes. Our mission is to democratize luxury footwear for the modern man. www.awlandsundry.com

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