What exactly is a break?

I’m sure all of us have encountered this feeling before, one that makes us go, “Damn it, I need a break!” or “Screw this, I can’t take this anymore, time for me to go on a holiday!” This usually happens when one is either having a stressful day or having an uninspiring day or probably, someone is pushing your limits.

Today, we’re going to look into the question of, “What exactly is a break?” 
There are many definitions of the word, “break”. A hiatus, an interval, a pause, an interlude, it’s “taking time away from work or your regular activity” , another definition of a break is “to stop having a close relationship with something or to change a course of action that you have had for a long time.”

Vũng Tàu, Vietnam

A “break” usually can be as short as a five minutes off the desk or taking a walk, stepping out of the office. But for some, it can take longer than a day, some even as long as months or even years.

Personally, as a designer and a creative person, a lot of questions comes into my head especially when you’ve reached a milestone in life, doing almost the same things you do for close to a decade, you begin to question “What is next for me?” , “Where am I moving ahead in the creative industry?” or “Do I want to be in this position when I am at 50?” And usually, when these questions starts to linger in my head, it is the cue for me to go on a “break” and get off from doing my daily routine.

Unwind by taking a long walk, catching a live gig/performance or booking that flight out to somewhere unfamiliar and “clear” my mind. Maybe for a couple of days, weeks or perhaps the longest that’ve taken by far is a couple of months. But taking this “break” doesn’t mean that I stay away from any creative work, it just simply means not doing any work related stuff.

Stoned Revivals, 2015

When do we know that the “break” we’ve taken is enough? For me, how I gauge or know that the break is sufficient, is when I feel the ease, or “space” to breathe to take in new loads with a clear mind and no distraction relating to the work that I’m doing.

So when exactly will your break is enough? Well, that’s a question that only you as an individual can answer.

Do not concentrate too much on asking if your break is enough or not.

Take your time. Be inspired. Open your eyes and try viewing things from a different perspective. Meet new people. Create more conversations.

Most importantly enjoy the well deserved “break” and only then you’ll know when it’s time for you to get back on the grind.


And always remember that…

You are the scriptwriter of your own lives.

You define your own dramas. You create your own prequels, sequels, climax and beginnings. Take control.