Summer Snow

I tried recalling the day I met you
The memory was fuzzy and blurry
But warm and comforting
It’s a memory I am very fond of

You stood there, waiting for your train
It was snowing, I recall
Snow was piling on top of your head and shoulders
Your scarf tightly wrapped around your neck,
deftly concealing your mouth

You stared patiently at the infinite white
gloved hands neatly tucked into your pockets
Your cheeks were red, but you paid no mind to it

Past a glance, ignorance
through a stare, suffering
It was my curiosity
that made me realize

past the weeks and cold months I see
Everyday, station 3 platform B
You stand beside the empty booth
watching the infinite white
bathing in cold snow

I stared, curious
Enthralled by your odd actions,
mesmerized by your cold beauty

On the twelfth day
I noticed
A hue of dark purple adorning your cheek
another on your leg, slightly below your knee

The next time I saw you
You were different
hiding behind your nonchalant expression

A cut on your upper lip
A hue of purple slightly under your eye
The snow piled on top of you like usual
I could see you shiver and your legs quivering

You chanted soundlessly
The sound of the busy station drowned your chant
I was worried for your well being

but realization stopped me
who am I to you?
do I even exist in your little world?

Several days later I saw you by the booth
But this time you are not alone
A man was with you
You look paler
I could see the faintest trail of fear in your eyes

I know this man is up to no good
I recall treading towards you
Heart brating fast

On closer inspection I saw his grip around your wrist
His bulky fingers leaving violet marks
I could see you biting the inside of your cheek
you were dissenting pain

Everything was a blur then
I can’t exactly recall what happened
Things went awry though

Next thing I knew
I was laying on the terminal floor
My head ringing and throbbing
I recall people surrounding me

The man throwing a satisfied glance at his handy work
People helped me lean myself against a bench
that was the last thing I remember
fluorescent lights, flickering in the night
I can feel someone nudging my side
I groaned at the nudge
But ceased groaning when I saw your face

You sat beside me, an ice pack in your hand
you gently pressed it against my eye
I could only stare at you as you grabbed my hand and placed it on the ice pack

There was an awkward silence
you said nonthing, did nothing to acknowledge my presence
You just watched the infinite white as if nothing had happened

sometime later
your train arrived
Now alone
you spared me a glance
An empty glance
Your first glance for me

Ever since then, every single day
station 13, platform B
You sat waiting
A hot cup of chocolate beside you

You have your own cup of chocolate
secure in your slender grasp
You sat waiting for hours,
not taking a single sip

Days became weeks, yet nothing happened
Until one day
An exceptionally cold tuesday
You weren’t there
So I waited

I sat at the bench
waiting quietly
Staring at the white horrizon
It was cold
Is this how you felt everyday?

It is somber
But pleasant
It’s peaceful
The desolation

The cold numbed my fingers
What a pleasant feeling
Then suddenly, there was a change in the atmosphere
Then, like a ghost
Quiet as the snow
as soft as a falling feather
You came

You sat beside me
A reasonable gap between us
I tried not to look at you
But I can’t help but glance at you from the corner of my eye

You sat still
no signs of of discomfort nor familiarity
Without saying anything
You offered me the cup you’ve been holding
I hesistantly took it from your grasp
The gestured puzzled me, but I tried paying no mind to it

By the end of day
I didn’t take a single sip
But I felt warm nonetheless

Your train arrived
and we parted ways for the day
you boarded your train
not even sparing a goodbye glance

Days became weeks, and weeks became months
Each day spent with a girl whose name I don’t even know
We’ve never spoken to each other
Nor have ee ever strayed from our daily routine

The gap between us stayed constant
exactly 10 cm apart
sometimes we just sat there, unmoving
Some other time, you would bathe under the infinite white
an odd habit I’ve grown very fond of

Each night
before I go to bed
I would lay still and ponder
about a certain girl
who had thawed my heart ~end of part 1~

P.S: I am very young, and english isn’t my first language. Please pardon any mistake I might have made. Constructive and positive comments are appreciated! Thank you..

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