Alvalor Mission to Crypto Valley
Max Wolter

Switzerland rising

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience Max. Great story to read and I can fully understand your excitement. After 20 year living in Silicon Valley (Palo Alto then San Francisco) we moved back to Europe and Switzerland to retire. Little did we know about the startup scene here. After just a week we learned that Switzerland has more startup initiative than Swiss startups. Unlike Silicon Valley which is mainly just TECH here are significant startup hubs for pharmaceutical startups in Basel, health and med tech in Lausanne, Crypto and blockchain in Zug, tech in Zurich, Mechanical innovation in many smaller areas and more hubs across the country are popping up. Funny enough it’s almost unnoticed that Switzerland became the most innovative country in the world for the second time in a row. Well Swiss people spend absolutely no time to promote themselves and all the time to actually create great stuff.

My retirement plans are in the tank and now helping build a new hub in Lucerne and create a Silicon Valley like spirit here: “Think the unthinkable — Making the impossible a reality — Solve the biggest problems of mankind — join forces — don’t wait”

It’s said that Swiss people are hard to get connected to, they are dry and slow. Well it’s like people say about Americans that they er “over-friendly, superficial and don’t tell you what they think. Both wrong. Swiss people don’t like to BS and only accept real results. They are hard to connect with if you come in as a Mr. “know it all” and brag about your glory and they are only slow in the very beginning and once to comprehend, they get stuff done faster than most others.

Like you, I’m extremely excited to be here and enjoy the country and the people a lot.


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