Silicon Valley Has A “Problem” Problem
Riva-Melissa Tez


Spot on! I’ve always been fascinated by the view that people are solving problems that matter. Whilst there are corporate entities that are undoubtedly changing the game, in reality very few people have a natural grasp of what a valuable problem is and how to solve it. There have been some amazing solutions to problems from folk which cost literally nothing and can be made from old rubbish. I mean real rubbish! Old plastic bottles, food waste and many many other things.

Unfortunately, the things that make money are usually the things that appeal to people who have a large amount of disposable income and are after labour saving devices, not the people who are struggling for food and water. That driver for the tech community doesn’t seem appealing and in fairness, the cost of living and starting a business is not in itself small, as they themselves have to make something work, to take care of their own house, before helping others. Without resources yourself, tangible or otherwise, it is very hard to sustainability help other people. Ironically, not always an easy problem to solve.

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