Tim Ferriss — What I Learned From Tim Ferriss’s ‘Tools of Titans’
James Altucher

James, this is a great post. Thanks for summing things up, I can’t wait to dig into the details now.

So, you caught my attention when you mentioned your efforts to quantify your moves up and down. Do you mind sharing your insights about how (and maybe you already have and can point me there)? In other words, have you succeeded in quantifying what you do when you are well past the upswing of a creative phase and have reached optimal flow and productivity? I’ve had ups and downs like you, and I can remember how things felt at each stage: The ascent, the peak, the fall. And I’m just starting the climb of my next peak… and I want to stay there this time. And maybe even climb higher… no crash. No downswing. No fall from grace this time.

Maybe that’s impossible, maybe life is all about fluctuations. I just can’t help feeling like it can be just “ups,” one after another, with sustained success and happiness and expansion. So… if you’ve learned how to quantify this, I’d love your insights so I can model it myself.

Thanks! I appreciate you.

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