It’s insane that despite the extensive accessibility to information that surpasses anything we could’ve imagined a decade ago — we still find it disarmingly challenging to produce cohesive pieces that are free from misinformation or avid coercion.
That Asian Mom Is Not The Nanny, But We Are Too Lazy To Prove That Fact
Ezinne Ukoha

This point is so true! And amazingly, it doesn’t just apply to social media; mainstream network prime-time “journalism” is just as guilty. It’s not just that there are overnight 24-hour news cycle pressures. Even shows that use long-run investigative journalists are just as guilty of succumbing to the need to stoke outrage in order to fan the fires of passion and turn eyeballs to their stories. So when even those bedrock institutions give in to the pressures to churn, it starts to fit into a more sinister agenda and feeds the cynical narrative that we live in a post-Orwellian land where newspeak is not even necessary to brainwash the herd.

I have a (somewhat admittedly Pollyanna-ish) view that, as the herd matures and evolves, people will start to truly value objectivity again. Click-bait media will burn out what little dopamine they have left and eventually authenticity will be the road to recovery. Frank revelations and insights like yours are what people will crave with increasing frequency.

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