Meaning of our existence.

Axo Sal
Axo Sal
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Everyone is running somewhere but fewer ask whether running there is really what’s best and right. People are so consumed by and are caught up in something that they don’t give themselves time to zoom out, think and reflect more deeply about our lives, the world and meaning of it all. That way we miss the bigger picture. That’s when and where societal issues and personal ones begin and grow. By exercising abilities like reasoning that make us human one becomes more human… living more consciously, living a better life. No matter all existing resources, knowledge, advances and opportunities to create a better world it is still people’s minds, the consciousness that prevents us from it. The resources are there, the minds are not.

“An unexamined life is not worth living” -Socrates.

Following are the points that can help to derive the meaning of our existence:

  1. We are all born into this world without any innate understanding or knowledge about what it is all about and how it works and why or what would be best to do with our lives. Hence, optimally, one would explore and expand their field of knowledge, insights, perspectives and opportunities which constitutes a part of the whole field of all there is i.e. the complete field of intelligence and possibilities. This captured field is the one upon which we think and act. The greater the captured field, the greater are the chances for us to do and live the greatest and best possibilities that are out there.
  2. A sense of satisfaction and fulfillment seems to be the fundamental, general common theme across everything humans do things for and live for. A sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that is gained from anything or anyone that someone deems important or/and which someone developed love for by expanding the sphere of care and love towards the other which is greater than the individual self.
    Thus, the expansion of one’s sphere of insights, love, concern and care to all and the whole that we exist in, would then bring even greater sense of fulfillment and satisfaction to the entity itself but also help a greater amount of living creators which in turn will raise the prosperity of the whole which affects the entity itself.
  3. The value, fulfilment, satisfaction and rewards one gets are proportional to the value you bring to the world.
  4. Realization of human potential and self-actualization brings us one of the highest levels of satisfaction and fulfillment. Climbing towards it through Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is of desire. Personally and collectively.
  5. Everything is interconnected and every human is part of the whole. You would not wanna live here alone. We live here for each other. What’s good for the whole is good for all the individual parts. Vice versa, harm towards other parts damages the whole which we are part of, which in turn harms ourselves in the long-run. You could’ve been in a more disadvantageous position yourself or can be there one day. Thus an optimal existence and co-existence can only exist when everything and everyone is coordinated in such a way of operation which brings prosperity for all and the whole. A mutually beneficial, harmonic cooperation and alignment with each other which leads to the greater good for all.
  6. Giving and transcending oneself towards greater meaning which brings value to the world gives humans greater fulfillment than receiving and selfish acts. E.g. — The path to happiness: it is better to give than receive.
  7. The greater meaning requires the person to grow, work on oneself, strive to achieve the highest potential and live a self-actualized life which according to studies, as already said, makes up for the highest life-satisfaction despite life’s difficulties.
  8. Memento mori. Remember death. Death is one of the notions that underlines the meaning of life. “Life is a preparation for death.” — “When you die, your ego dies and all that remains is what you have done in this world”.
  9. Developmental Psychology/Consciousness findings reveal that the greatest level of development encompasses the sense of self and care that extends to all and the whole that we exist in.
  10. Connection with the other and others brings us joy. Whether it’d be people, animals, nature, a mission, a subject matter or else.
  11. Every great person that humanity collectively admires did something of great value for the world. Striving to be on the right side of history is of personal and collective interest. “The only evil is ignorance” -Socrates.

Thus, a potential meaning of life which would bring flourishment to our lives and the world around us based on our knowledge and truths from science, philosophy and psychology could be to strive towards the biggest positive impact & prosperity for all and the whole that you exist in i.e. the world, all people who live in it, all animals and the environment. That, based on as complete of an understanding as possible, with many unbiased insights, knowledge and perspectives. That, in combination with weighing in yourself, your good core qualities or characteristics, which to constantly evolve to encompass even wider sphere which you can positively impact, thus achieving your highest potential. Everything else in life follows. Matters such as happiness, life-satisfaction, fulfilment, joy, health, interests, friends, money etc.

Hence, to strive towards the biggest positive impact and prosperity of all and the whole based upon as complete field of insights as possible seems to be the most optimal, generalized meaning of life for all, that, if applied would bring the most optimal existence and co-existence of entities. We as each individual part is just a piece of an ongoing process. Memento Mori. Remember The Death. Be remembered for good.