Simple, short draft description of the potentially better societal system

Axo Sal
Axo Sal
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Economy. How companies are organized and how it affects the whole society.

☝ The co-operative way of running companies is the most practical and effective way to create change now. Which will change the way the things are done in the whole society. For example, if people are expected to co-run companies the education they receive will focus on the needed and fundamental skills… deeper-thinking/reasoning skills, critical thinking, questioning everything including own biases, creativity etc. “Don’t give a man fish, teach him how to fish”. With those skills, people will find their way to the best answers and solutions. Virtuous people will find the way. And when more people are on the other side.. making decisions that will affect them and people around them… better decisions will be made. The current economic system tends to end up giving power to a few and to put profits before everything else. There will not be a good world unless everyone creates and sustains such a world by being active. Co-operatives will make people more thoughtful and active in society. It would also cover the needs of people according to Maslow, psychological in the form of having closer relationships with co-workers doing something together and self-actualization. Healthy people (mentally, physically) produce a healthy economy. Where people don’t serve the economy but where the economy serves people.

More on organizational structure:

Another thing to change in the economy is money generation. Positive Money movement describes it here:

Governance system.

How do people make decisions? Having what, can a person make the best possible decision? The more insights, knowledge the person has and the greater ability to reason deeply in an unbiased manner, the greater the possibility for the person to make the right and best decision for the whole society. Those people are Philosophers who can think deeply about what’s best and right, Scientists who know how the world works and Psychologists who know how people work etc. A decentralized network of peer-reviewed intellectuals as a governing body across the world would increase co-operation and help between today’s self-interested nations to combat the tragedy of the commons.


Democracy is only as good as the educations accompanied by it. We’d need to educate people about how to choose what to do in life by reasoning about the world around them, the system we’re in, the life and what is important. We have to help and guide people towards a meaningful life where people find their ikigai, living a self-actualizing life which makes up for the highest life-satisfaction. Currently, there is little philosophy education affecting mental models of people which is the foundation for everything else in life. Collective views and values are what creates our world. Today people don’t ask themselves “What does the world need?”. Creation of such institutions that would look after that is needed, as Hegel reasoned. New institutions to guide and help people.

Technology for the good

AI, which in turn can help us solve many problems in the world. Distributed Ledger Technology or Blockchain technology that can help us build better and smarter social systems, that can help moderate what happens and help with rule-enforcement. Automate things so that there are fewer people it goes through and thereby reduce the possibility of corruption. VR to have an impact on people’s mindsets. Technology that helps people.