Letters from Inebriation: Day One

Birth of a Tempest

a small ode to one who lost

A soul close to heart lost
the world could care less
in bliss borne to man
with truth in distress

she weeps silently let
no one see her tears
she knows she will lose
years to her false fears

but if for a moment
the world ceases its disease
she will not be afraid
her will, be at ease

no arm comes there now
next to the morning sorrow
as preachers will preach
of the world of tomorrow

would you be brave
and face the same fate
your sympathy is useless
in a world of shallow hate

she will rise again
stronger than before
absolved by persistence as
she has learned much more

you continue your abandon
without a second glance
yet ignored this mourner, now
you lost your chance

cry by the river
and see it dissolve
a world of abandon
in which you evolve

true masters have spoken
and made her strong
The one without fault
willed to right wrong

ramble into the open
And see yourself burn
you coward, in moonlight
her values will not turn

fools once long ago
faced the truth’s rage
her knowledge gave life
your abandon in a cage