Assignment 3

Lebanese politicians bypass their systematic citizen duties by failing to pay their bills

Electricite du Liban building

Financial Prosecutor Judge Ali Ibrahim declared on Wednesday that some Lebanese politicians have been refraining from paying their electricity bills.

The judge ruled that those individuals’ homes and companies would no longer be provided with electricity unless they pay their bills.

Members of the Lebanese parliament have extensively been alleged of ceasing to pay their bills to government-owned institutions.

EDL Chairman and General Director Kamal Hayek

Electricite du Liban’s Chairman and General Director Kamal Hayek issued a statement explaining that the list of politicians, which was circulating around the media of those who were allegedly not paying their bills, is incorrect.

The people have already been facing a lack in electricity for over a decade and very rarely do any areas have 24-hour electricity exposure.

I will film at the EDL building asking a few employees questions, also I will try to get statements from the politicians accused and I will need very short interviews with both the financial prosecutor and chairman of EDL. Some obstacles I will be facing is getting employees to talk and even harder would be getting a statement from the alleged politicians.

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