Learn how Lunz Language Services used the AYANA Web Design Service to build a brand and market their abilities.

We were approached by Lunz Language Services to initially build them a logo for their new business. After working with them we were able to deliver; not only an amazing logo, but an amazing brand, website, and blog to go along and give them an opportunity to grow their business with new outlets and abilities.

We here at Ayana believe in working one-on-one with each of our clients in order to build a successful and long-lasting relationship. We’ve worked with Lunz over the last few months, to really tailor to their needs, and as a result we have developed an ongoing plan with them that will branch into potential newsletters, social media management, add-ons to their site, and print materials for them to utilize over the months to come.

Lunz Language Services, is in the Telephonic Interpreting and Language Translation business. They provided us with their ideas and concepts, and we provided a design to not only match those ideas, but one that provided a unique look and identity for their business.

It is with the help of clients like Lunz Language Services, that we are able to utilize the latest tools and methods to put more emphasis on our web design service.

You can view the Lunz Language Services website @ www.lunzlanguages.com

AND you can learn more about our Web Design service @www.ayanatech.com

Enjoy the Experience!
Sam Z. and the Ayana Team