Social Media Management — Can It Help You?

Social Media is a wonderful tool to help grow your business and bring in new clientele over time. In today’s growing online world we understand that not everyone has the time to create, manage, and post to their social media accounts everyday.

With this in mind, Ayana offers several Social Media Management Plans to get you started down the right path.

Training: Work with us one-on-one for an agreed upon time-frame to get you knowledgeable and up to speed on the platforms of your choice.
You Provide The Content: For those who have just enough time to write and come up with content, but don’t have the spare moments to get them posted online.
We Create The Content: We offer research from creating content that matches your brand, to searching features, services, functions etc. that can be used to enhance your overall media.

Each plan is fully integratable with one another, and can be fully customized to meet individual needs and services.

Over the last few weeks, our staff has been working very closely with The Colonial House Inn and Motel to design an effective social media strategy and plan for them. We started by updating their current Facebook and Twitter accounts. Additionally, we built them a Pinterest, which was used to simplify content that was previously on their website.

The Colonial house is a good examples of blending all 3 of our social media plans. They provide Ayana with the content on weekly basis, and we also write custom posts, based off their website and other media. This helps to improve the variety of posts that get scheduled, and promote different aspects of their business.

Most of our plans, come with at least one monthly web session which The Colonial House takes full advantage of. We often discuss our strategies for the month ahead, and strategies to help them grow their online presence even more. Training is also provided, should they wish to have more access and be able to play more important roles in their social media.

In addition to their Social Media, we also built The Colonial House a brand new website, logo and overall design. Feel free to visit their new website @

To see some of our social media work in action, feel free the visit The Colonial House links below


AND you can learn more about our Social Media Management Services and Plans @

As Always, Enjoy the Experience!
Sam Z. and the Ayana Team