Baqarah Notes: Ayah 11 — Hypocrisy, Corruption and Tomato Scarcity

- “When them tell them say, “make una no dey spoil ground”, them go talk say “na us! we they, dey fix things, dey repair am na!””

Allah says in surah Rum Verse 41
“Corruption has appeared throughout the land and sea by [reason of] what the hands of people have earned so He may let them taste part of [the consequence of] what they have done that perhaps they will return [to righteousness].”

Side comment: It’s “nice” for us to put things into perspective with respect to the Muslim land’s we originate from or reside in especially. For my audience, I am definitely talking about “Lands” above the Niger River.

Ustaz Nou’man Comments:
“Corruption from the Land and Sea” : — (includes) The Refusal of the earth to provide. The earth itself becomes sick due to our spiritual corruption. (We’ve been aught that)This An Islamic Principle, or part of our (important) Principles.
- Basically repercussions for Evil is to be expected as implied in several Verses. “Whoever has/does good (then) it is from Allah and whoever does evil then it is from his own self.”

We’ve seen it all if not done it all, besides beating everyone, in topping the most corrupt nation list.
 as with the apathetic state of (muslim) women around to their metamorphism into Suicide Vest wearers. That’s “a thing of the past”. Subhanallah.

Classicism wise: Nothing’s changed except desperation. Almajirism is no more a moniker for the destitute as we now have modernized forms of people who go for their daily bread without having shed’s to sleep in beside their cars. A phenomenon in commercial and capital cities.

Not to sound as an exegete for a former first lady, of course the “Born-throw way” reality cannot be restricted to just negligence and ignorance of family planning but should also warrant fore-reading that highlights the ‘spiritual decadence’ within the Upper Middle class youths and their sense of religious responsibility.

Yea, am talking about what I call the phenomenon of “Liberal Kids”, Drug abuse amongst youths and other social vices amongst the genders largely in metropolitan cities AND Posh settlements. Yes, pointing fingers at so called poshy settlements that have been segregated from other non-privileged children of Adam(for First world reasons of course — Security, Sanitation, congestion etc). Alas! It sounds like the ‘flashier’ the class and the community, the more “distinguished” the Scandals are especially to meet gossip blogs and other non-mainstream media requirement.

Let’s skip issue’s of Marriage, consumerism and glorification of Materialism for a minute: Though one would think the first two Ayaats of Surah Al haa kumu Takhathur below have been summarized in basic language:

“(make)Una dey Pile am dey go.. Until una enter ground (una #graves).”

But hey! How about this one gone unnoticed?

Tomato Scarcity!!! Anybody???

The narrative: “Tomato scarcity happens…, the tomato plants caught cold, no Pesticides…”… and other blah excuses.

Coincidence eh?

Yes sure for people of “Overstanding”.

Guys! sometimes, something that seems to be a coincidence can be no coincidence.

Be reminded AGAIN!

“Corruption has appeared throughout the land and sea by what the hands of people have earned so He may let them taste part of what they have done that perhaps they will return” [ Ar-Rum vs 39] [Sahih International]

A basic staple food for ALL that goes rocket mode in price, like some currency exchange or Gold is an anomaly that shouldn’t be an one — especially one with no historic precedence in recent times. After all we all should be able to grow and pluck tomatoes in our respective backyards but we don’t.
And it even goes as far as hitting international news outlets to prove a point, No this isn’t potatoes for a second — we are talking Tin tomatoes!!!! Soup and Jollof, — meals that are a core in the ‘must have’ list for Ajepakos and Butters respectively.

Still a coincidence? The individual will have to set a fine line for that between that and blatant Denial.

Just a bad day for every one in office? So much for being “God’s own nation” for the last 30 years Yea!! Either way, no room for sparking dissonance. Am not going further to point at the coincidence of such scarcity with the kicking off with government’s austerity measures. Posterity cannot afford to make me the Obi of conspiracy theories across the Niger and be awarded a wannabe Noam Chomsky award on doom and bad bele matters.


Snapping Back to Seriousness…

The verse can be in sync with other statements documented relating to the Jews.

For example a quote for which I have to reference”If only they obeyed the torah…” — We could have seen the Positive effect during the time of Isa.

NB: For historical contexts, the Bani Israel of the era of Isa were the worst of the descendants of Jacob. Known to have killed even Not just Yahya but even his Dad — Zakariyya, despite been an Octogenarian. (Source: Check Lecture, ‘The Messiah’ by Sh. Omar Sulaiman)
Physical Goodness correlates with Material Goodness….
So they are saying to them“don’t cause corruption”, some of the Munafiqun are saying “Na we be the middlemen now”, between Jews/disbelievers and Prophet aka “reconcilatorsssss”.
But what is the “Real Fasaaad(corruption)” — Injustice.
For the People of Makkah:
Killing the girl child
Mistreating women — property wise,
 Idols in the Ka’abah of Abraham,
 messing with poor women .. 
Yet they laid claim to “Siqaayatul hajj” As per Surah Taubah.

Fasaaad applies to morality first.
It didn’t change much in Madinah either.
From Lies to blasphemy.

Hence the Ayah explains that Justice and injustice cannot lie in the same heart — “maa ja’alallalahu li rajulin Qalbain” (Allah Didn’t put in the hearts of one Man two hearts). With respect to their claiming to Lay grounds for Reforms though abetting Evil simultaneously.

The manner of which we see today called “Sitting on the Fence”, or having A superpower attempting to engage in a “peace process” between Occupying States and indigenous citizens of a particular land.

Using the same Subliminal for Two birds, we see how it applied to the Jewish community.
• They hid parts of the Torah when they were summoned to bring it during debates with the Messenger of Allah.
• “Afatu’minuuna bi ba’dil Kitab”, bring your book make we read now!

Alaa innahum humul mufisdun….
When you try to make a compromise in the Perfect religion of Allah then You are the ULTIMATE enemy, corruption.”

We have parts of the Qur’an that are politically in correct today.
There are Angels specially designated to curse people who hide components of the Qur’an.” ~ Nouman Ali Khan
- No more rooms for Rabbi antics

Applies very much today in the context of selectively cherry picking one’s individual rights to agitate for:
From the Power struggles within homes, to battle for Liberal Women’s rights on a National platform while undermining their counterparts and vice versa among many.

As the Ustaz Nou’man would add, “Peoples low self-esteem been imposed to Islam”
No one more corrupt than us when we hide it. It’s not enough for the message to be “Out there” — like “it’s on a website or YouTube, The Message MUST be transferred from heart to heart. This is definitely in reference to clerical selective interpretation and discussion on certain issues over the other. A norm for most so called “traditional” settings as seen along the Muslim world which predates the celebrity culture of Da’wah and selective social activism in post colonial states.

Their Usual excuse for Usurping one right over the other? 
We are trying to use Hikmah Brother”. An excuse peddled by stagnant conservative settings or mentalities.

The REAL Question…. Which Book isn’t Hikmah? The Qur’an is Qur’anil Hakeem”. Epp Me ask them abeg

By imposing an opinion on the words on Allah they are the ones who really ARE the “Mufsid” — “The Corrupt”.(Matter is addressed subsequently about the ways the clergy/clerical leadership go about it with selective passivity(towards serious contemporary matters) or hyperactivity towards a trendy topic)

The word “Alaaa” — a rhetorical device that conveys emotion

“Mufsidun and Fasaada — weakness such that they become the roots of corruption”

“We are all in submission to the words of Allah. The Qur’an stands above, it is not dominated.”

“Tragedy of this time, we don’t even(really) hide it because….. WE DON’T EVEN KNOW IT.!! ”

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