On The “Liberal State” and it’s Preaching Regulations

Listen Guys!

I know Ben Bruce has Hijacked common sense but the fact that you can’t beat him up shouldn’t instantly necessitate adopting cliche defenses tropes to bolster your fanaticism.

You don’t have to be a student of politics to understand that experiencing one evil doesn’t warrant swinging into the other gutter for immediate liberation’s sake.

Based on’what I have seen’, that the preaching regulation(in a democratic era) adopted formats similar to those of other military administrations without much alterations and yet a silent ‘Ijma’ upholds this speaks in volume about our level of Ignorance.

Yes! Saudi has something similar in place whereby Imam’s have a prepared sermon from the authorities to keep them in check and it works just fine — Just as the authorities can get your favorite Makkan Qari (and other Ulamas) to thump up a Military coup else where and shut down street protests all in “devout” allegiance to those appointed over them.

If you still don’t get it, unless you are going to make El-Rufa’i sleep there to avoid the bastardization of such orders, be prepared for the day where you’d have to order your Ramadan mixtapes pre-recorded from Tudun Wada with an autograph from the Govt House and Lord prevent a situation where the most functional period of the state’s clergy would be during election period.

My recommendation for a functioning system is simple. The “framers” must insert a clause that must prevent them politicians(successive governments) from compromising the system for their own agenda — especially ahead of election periods. Best is to involve agencies from the FG but i’ll be better of fanning smoke than to expect such. Democracy is about #CheckandBalance otherwise a garage system of governance remains viable and that’s where it’s hype ends.


On a less serious note…

Lord forgive me my innocent days, when my curiosity and hastiness couldn’t relieve me from understanding the word “Liberal” as a synonym of a Library — “Ah! ABU, NDA… a studious state” and that’s probably why I guess.

Now I am all for Kaduna opting to be the Lagos of the North(as it always seem to have been before the PDP days anyways). I am sure not the kind of person that can tolerate a rigid homogeneous culture all along and such diversity should be reflected in every region so as to enhance mobility across the Niger. Problem comes arises when we set different standards under the guise of reform — which always seems to be impracticable in this part of the world without having to shortchange a particular group. Most of which the fruits of such change tends to slide towards a certain Class. So basically we have attempted to curtail ‘Takfiri’ and other intolerant sermons in the neighborhood. But we don’t have a censorship board (yet) for artistes that spew misogynistic and sexist lyrics which are capable of inflicting as much unseen injuries to our moral fabric.

So you are telling me that a Kaduna democracy doesn’t have enough Liberalism to tolerate tomorrow’s ‘Dr. Kabiru Gombe’ from skipping the screening process to in order to easily rejuvenate his listeners, but little Kesh, Olamide, Dbanj and ‘Royalties’ on the air wave get a consensus — so much for priorities that don’t promote “any” hidden agenda?

Besides the crux and spirit of my Faith, am not a “conservative” by any standard and I offer no apologies for that. Yet we are a Nation and we harbor streets that are still quick to peddle conspiracy theories. We rant hell and ‘Jahannam’ about the rise of immoralities around and instead of pointing out lapses within the good intents of the government of the day, we choose to unconditionally kiss even when they don’t crave for it, simply because we want to experience an ‘Al Jannah’ on earth right By-Any-Means-Necessary before our departure.

Our very own descendants will now come and subscribe or adopt a shallow intellectual discourse we inherited and then begin to blame democracy(and who knows what they’ll be calling for next?) instead of pinpointing our stubbornness to remain vigilant as the doctrine mandates us to; then the cycle of “mumuism” continues for another hundred years since independence, then again the nostalgia for Sardauna and …. oh wait a minute!

They say somethings are better learnt the hard way. Either way sha! As my people say, “Who no know go know”.

Yours left,

Ben B… sorry I mean Ibn Jareeriya (and I just dey siddon look)

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