Rousseau Gist: France, Islam and Football Federation.

Copy: Association of Muslim Footballers Account @TheAMF

Muslim FrancaAfrique Football Federation

Chelsea’s Ngolo #Kante and Monaco’s Benjamin #Mendy for Umrah…. Now this French Squad is getting ridiculous( Imagine the Muslim Players as Gladiators while France is the Roman empire).

But My inner contradictions Kant sleep

*Finds Phone Time Machine. Dials J.J. Rousseau.*
[Dialog in pidgin English! Sincere apologies as we’ll do better to transcribe late]

Me: Rousseau Hafa na! Shey you get skype?

JJ: No whine me abeg. na sleep I dey Sleep. You forget say we never get light(18th century)?

Me: Oya On Candle make we talk! Wahala dey this your France o!.

JJ: I no shock. No wonder my sleep no sweet! Oya talk.

Me: See ehn! the tori long. Anyways 1. Una get National team and Black People full am…

JJ: Swear to God…how e take happen?

Me: My credit go soon finish abeg why I go lie you? the gist never start.

JJ: But e make sense small, na him be say them dey follow my book wella (Treatise on Inequality).

Me: For where! them don use am Fry Akara chop on top
JJ: Ye Kpa!!!!!

Me: Yes slavery don kpai, but oga Na rub and shine them they use us do.
JJ: Wait.. I dey confuse…

Me: E never start! Add to say na Muslims don boku for South France, Just picture the Squad for your head like say na Timbuctou Muslims full am.

JJ: Hian! Muslims ke! How?….

Me: See this no be the question. The wahala na be say them still no ‘gree us’ upon all the work wey we give una.

JJ: So wait, una be second class?

Me: Your head dey there! No be small contradiction. On top that FrancaAfrique….

JJ: wait! wait!! waaaait!!! no overload my ear abeg! Na who be Politician them?

Me: Omo na ‘whitey pipul’ full am o!

JJ: What a Humanity!! You know say no be me causeth this wan. If I write another Treatise, shey dem go read am?

Me: The Book wey Ogbeni Piketty write(Capital), shey dem send am ni? Who e take epp?

JJ: So wetin them go send na, make I take help you small!

Me: Omo na 140 character tweet and video clip Macron sabi!

JJ: See Guy man! This “Anti -Intellectual” phillistinism pass my power. No wake me again! Tell them Kante and Benzema them say “E go better”. And may you no dey chook eye inside our madness, unless you wan suffer join them.

Me: Oga Rousseau me I wan be Sankara Jnr and French player at the same time, How I fit do am?

JJ: Your case worse pass my contri pipu own. Goodnyt!
Me: *CRIES*!!!!

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