Even Germaphobes Can Eat with Their Fingers

Daniel Ayd
Mar 21, 2015 · 2 min read

Something I like to always make sure my kids and I do before eating is to wash their hands, or sanitize them — or sometimes even both. Yeah, probably both. You can almost always count on my wife or I to have sanitizer with us when eating is on the agenda. The reason for this is really, really simple: dirty hands make you sick. And, to be clear, I’m not talking about dirt from the yard from playing outside because I know these germs are good for us. These are the germs from people that actually make us sick (and keep parents busy caring for small puking kids) like my favorite, Norovirus.

Sometimes, despite being prepared most of the time, sometimes we just find ourselves without the ability to clean our hands before eating. Like at sporting events and your plate of nachos is getting passed down the aisle to you. This is where my new trick comes in handy. I actually figured it out eating Buffalo wings a while back and it’s super simple: don’t eat the part you touch. I was tired of always sanitizing my hands like a kid when eating at business events — thanks to my co-workers giving me flack for it!

… don’t eat the part you touch.

The health benefit is pretty self explanatory, but not only do you keep the pathogens on your fingers out of your gut but you also reduce the calories or carbs down by say, 10%! OK, so that’s pretty insignifant but this one is seriously easy. And it’s so foolproof you could literally be done mopping up your sick kid’s puke and break my golden rule (washing hands) with nothing to worry about!

Just remember to not touch your lips/mouth with your dirty fingertips!

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