Inverclyde — SNP HOLD…..Easy eh?

So there we have it. An SNP hold for Inverclyde. Lots of well done and high fives for the incumbent MP keeping his seat. I mean, after an 11,000 majority two years ago. It was a safe seat, that was a no-brainer, or was it.

You see, it does not take much scratching between the surface to see that there is a whole new dynamic to politics in Scotland as a whole, just not in Inverclyde, but Inverclyde is a shining example as to how things have changed.

After the recent council elections, we were promised a new type of politics. Users of social media and readers of the local paper, however, can see that this is not the case. Same old sniping and snide comments by the usual twitterazi and the Facebook mooters, who seem to live their life by it.

Last night, after serious deliberation of a recount, both Inverclyde SNP and Inverclyde Labour were quietly confident. The Lib Dems were using it as another paper exercise. The Tories, they knew they had done better than the last time, so they were happy for that reason, as well as the candidate relieved that he didn’t actually win it either.

Then the declaration.

That 11,000 was slashed to 388!!!! No wonder there were a few squeaky bums from Inverclyde SNP. Coming so soon after losing the council elections, this shows that there is something wrong within the local branch for this to happen. Or is there. Look across Scotland. Far better candidates than the one in Inverclyde lost their seats too.

Inverclyde SNP Leader merely stated “his friend” held the seat. Deafening silence about the majority, yet no wonder. Even he is still reeling at not taking control of the council, so being discreet his best tactic.

Inverclyde Labour took to the air waves claiming how their candidate wiped out the SNP majority and how so close they came. Scottish Labour are back in the game said Inverclyde Group Leader. He doesn’t do Irony, but both he and the candidate opposed the current Labour Leader. Now they are reaping what he has achieved in this election as some reward.

But oh how they are mistaken about another reality.

The biggest winners in Inverclyde are the Tories.

Turnout was down on 2015 and they still almost doubled their vote. Labour increased their vote with a lot of former Labours returning, that is what they focussed on. They did not think of the vote the Tories would get down here. They done very little in way of canvassing. They even managed to spell Inverclyde wrong on the campaign leaflet, yet still took most of the votes from the SNP.

You see, things are changing, the Tories in Scotland are on the up, as was shown last night, at Holyrood and even the recent Council Elections were Inverclyde Tories returned two council elections. SNP are not so much on the way down, but reality has hit home as to who wants a second Independence referendum. As for Scottish Labour, another leadership race about to commence?

SNP HOLD Inverclyde…easy eh?

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