Before Womb and Birth

Coming from the other side

My purpose on my head I move with pride

Past life lessons to recite

It is dark here because we are the light

All the spirits dwell here

Before we go back to share

Our love for the humankind

Knowing once we entered this world

God’s purpose would slip our mind

Anxious and ready to go

Most of us this world we know

We have been here many times before

So we are on a mission not much to explore

Hoping to get it right

Keeping our destiny in sight

Others encourage you

Don’t fret we will be right by you

You’ll do great

Always love never hate

Follow what is familiar go straight

Do not become frustrated with time because you won’t be late

Everything will work out the way it should

The decisions you make be sure they’re good

You will stumble you will fall

Just get back up and try your all

You will get there by and by

You will succeed as long as you try

The vibrations moved around me now I am powerful too

On the other side they will cause déjà vu

Even though I will forget

I will not give up

I will not quit

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