Who am I? Who are you?! What is this!!

An introductory post to whatever I’m doing here.

In an effort to practice writing, podcasting, photography, blogging and such other things that do well on the internet, I have started this… whatever this is. Is it a blog? Is it a portfolio? Hard to say. It’s whatever you want it to be, and whatever I need it to be.

I’ll be posting mostly writing here. As a freelance journalist I’ll post things that I’ve submitted to publications, as well as personal essays. Additionally, there are a couple of projects I have in mind that I want to post here:

First, I want to regularly post book reviews/reflections here. I’ve reached a point in my life, after graduation and before starting my career, that I feel I should catch up on literature I’ve missed so far. I’ve compiled myself a list of books to read — 52 books and counting thus far — that I will read and review here. Some of them are older, some are contemporary. Most are novels but others are academic or theoretical. Hopefully I’ll be reading one per week and also posting a review once per week.

Second, podcasts! I love them, and I love making them! So I’ll be posting links to Soundcloud uploads of a podcast that I will be starting. I’ll probably make another post when I finally hash out what exactly the podcast will be. I’ll also post here some additional information/a summary of the episode with the link.

Third, in the hopes of getting better at photography, I’ll be complimenting my posts with photos that I’ve taken or other illustrations.

So this is my very vague founding vision for this site. I have yet to figure out what type of messaging system Medium has (if any) so for now, if you want to get in touch you can send me an email at ayeshabarmania@trentu.ca


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