Monday blues with a special visitor

Have you ever had to the deal with the typical Monday blues while fighting for your life because, your monthly flow decided Monday is a good day to show up?

I have lived it. Let’s just say it’s not a good feeling and I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

One minute, I was lost in the bliss of sleep and the next, I was being punished by my uterus for deciding not to get pregnant. Damn you Eve!!! I said what I said. I am severe pain please.

I mean, I had already planned out my week the day before. I was supposed to get my life on track. Let’s take a few steps back. The last couple of weeks leading to this particular have been hectic (for lack of befitting word, that is). Deadlines kept getting closer and the deliverables kept piling up. I said to myself “guy, if we don’t do something about this deadlines, we’re doomed”.

That was how me, myself and I mapped out a plan on how to tackle these piling backlog of deliverables and beat the deadline. Omo! Aunty Flo did not try sha because what was the reason? Why did it have to be Monday? Like Monday — the most annoying work day of the week. The same Monday that has the power to make or break your week? O wrong mehn! Very wrong.

Deep sigh — I literally sighed at this point while writing this piece. Lol

Anyway, that was how I found myself fighting for my life and Sanity on a Monday morning because my uterus decided to gang up with my enemies to destroy my career (call me dramatic but at the point of writing this piece, I have not resolved the backlog) *cue another very deep sigh*.

The silver lining is I called in sick and got an insufficient but very much needed break. When life hands you lemons right? Well, this lemonade came back to bite me in the butt because I am still throwing hands with the back log and it doesn’t look like it’s going to end any time soon.

This is my third very deep sigh and that’s my cue to drop my pen (or stop tapping my keyboard).

Until next time.




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