Our sad situation.

I felt sadness after the verdict of Philando Castile, its unexplainable really that emotion I haven’t ever been stopped by the police in America(I’m a Nigerian living in Nigeria) but I’ll be scared if I ever get stopped by one. Just imagine the implications for black people living in America.

I feel mostly for his daughter, the police officer said and I’m paraphrasing that if he could smoke weed in front of his daughter, he perceived him as dangerous, but is that worse than shooting a man??? She will go her whole life probably scared of the same people that are meant to protect her. Its really, really sad and it gets worse when you watch the video and you see his reaction after he shot SEVEN times you’ll see that he knew he messed up, his reaction betrayed him, he was guilty and he knew it.

We are often told that if you do what’s right, be polite, listen to the “nice policemans” instructions that you’ll be safer, but why should we feel threatened by the people that ought to protect us in the first place. Its awful and worse is the lengths that the police will go to protect their own.

I watch a programme “Weediquette” on VICELAND that talks about the implications of weed on society, in a particular episode they talk about this particular situation, why weed is so often consumed by people living in bad neighborhoods and whether it has a relationship with escaping the violence in their community and they talked about cops. A particular retired police officer talked about the time he was almost killed by gang-members he was okay but he felt angry about it and was terrified like soldiers suffering from PTSD when they come back from war but milder, and he couldn’t do it anymore because it impaired he’s judgment in situations dealing with colored persons. He had to quit, but there are many officers terrified or plagued by these same problems that’ll never admit it and they roam the streets everyday, but the police will never admit to that.

So until we hold our institutions accountable both externally and internally we won’t fix these problems. I understand they might not want to appear weakened or admit to a problem but is that worth the lives of hundreds if not thousands of persons?

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