I can’t but think of home as I write this. I can’t but think of my second home — Surulere, where I schooled and made lots of friends. But that’s not why we are here today.

Surulere means There is gain in patience. One would think that as a lere boy that I claim to be, I should be full of patience. Well that’s what i thought. I don’t even know what I based this thought on, maybe a couple of incidents like having to wait on a queue to mark attendance after a very boring class or having to wait for very beautiful pieces of plantain to be ready for proper consumption.

I was wrong.

You know, everyone loves a finished product. When we go to shops to get things, we don’t ask the staff how they were created and the processes they had to go through. Ain’t nobody got time fo that. We are all in a hurry. Especially in a place like Lagos. Imagine me trying to buy a bend-down-select pair of shoes in Ojuelegba and I am asking the seller for the type of machines that were used to make the shoes. Man would look at me from head to toe and just collect the shoes and hiss.

We Africans love miracles so much that we forget the roles of principle and process. Greatness is a process. Nobody really likes the process. Even gold doesn’t like the process it has to go through to become highly valuable, but it still submits by faith to the person carrying out the process and the process itself, knowing that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

I have been going through a couple of things for some time now and I have been asking God to show up, I have been asking Him to take me out of it all. Like, let this my Christian journey be rosy again. Omo e just be like sey God just lock up for my matter. I almost started losing faith. Doubts and uncertainties here and there, going on for weeks. I even thought of running back home at some point. Lol my legs for just bend.

But I am beginning to look at it differently. Maybe this is all a test. I have had to change my attitude from just being frustrated with life to consciously deciding to be happy because I may not understand everything right now, but it will all make sense in the end. Early today while reading a blog, I was led to read the verses in the picture below and I felt strengthened afterwards.

I am beginning to literally understand that for the fruit of the Spirit ( Gal 5:22) to be made manifest in us, God will allow us face some tests and trials in form of dealing with people and unpleasant circumstances. Prayer alone will not produce the fruit of the Spirit. I repeat, prayer alone no go do am. So I have decided to be happy and rejoice from now on because for every unpleasant situation I go through successfully, greatness is being developed in me. Patience is being developed in me. Faith and patience/endurance go together.

Even Jesus had to look at the brighter picture of the unpleasant objective of carrying the cross and dying for you and I. The picture of Him rising again and sitting with God gave Him the ginger.

Bible makes me understand that He won’t allow me face more than I can handle (1 Cor 10:13), so , so far God’s got me, I know sey I go de alright.

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