I think it’s time we had a conversation about the huge racket of extortion & corruption that has become of regulations for COVID19. Starting from Police extortion on highways to “essential services” flights & BRT loading fully & overpricing, etc while MSMEs are suffering.

Up till now, many businesses, most…

Real estate vs securities as an investment option: How to save Yourself from Homelessness

A few months ago, I shared my story on how we could have been rendered homeless months after my Dad died and our landlord kicked us out, insisting he wasn’t renting to a widow.

I was…

So let’s discuss this laughable conversation about Pepsi and Bigi. A simple clear case of competitive strategy at play. I was shocked to see several reactions alleging racism, monopoly, and all sorts of names in reaction to the email sent by the MD of Pepsi to his team.

First, it’s…

Ayo Bankole Akintujoye

Ayo is a Strategy and Business Transformation Expert with a decade experience working with some of the world’s largest consulting firms & in finance/Oil & Gas.

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