Soundrs I

Three have passed since I wrote my last post about Soundrs and here I write now another about the current state of the app.

Today I’m pretty excited about Soundrs. Things are going well with the development in both platforms. Specially in Android, the remaining tasks are simple and short ones. That’s why I have launched a couple of hours ago a new beta version of the Android app. This will be the last beta version before releasing to production. Then everybody will be able to share, update and listen all the sounds in Soundrs, the sounds app. But before that happens, plenty of people should try this last beta version. I tell you my plans for the next weeks in a short.

And I’m also excited about how is going the development of the iOS version. This development is still behind the Android app, so there is still a lot to do, but things are going pretty straightforward, and I think that I will be able to fulfill my release plan. I tell you more about it in a couple of lines.

How has been these weeks?

As I said in the last post, Introduction to Soundrs, this is a project in which I work only on weekends.

In Android, I have been with small details, design changes and bug fixing. In a separate branch I have been trying to change a few things to adapt the app to the new AndroidX library. AndroidX is the new package structure that Google will use as a refactor of the all support libraries. They will discontinue the development of new features in the old libraries, so later or soon this change should be made, but it’s not that urgent yet. In the Android documentation you can find more information about this topic.

I’m glad that this change is not really urgent because I couldn’t finish the migration. It took me a lot to change all the packages name, and at the end, a unknown error that I don’t know yet from where exactly come, but made me leave this apart for a while.

On the other hand, in iOS, the integration with the backend is almost complete. In these weeks I have had a problem with the design that freaked me a bit out. I come from Android, I’m not iPhone user, so I don’t really know how should some elements in a normal natural iOS app looks like. Would feel as an iPhone app if I use a Floating Button? Should I use a Floating Menu? Where to put all those elements? At the end, of course, I found my way.

I’m working now in the upload and sound recording functionalities. As I also did with the Android version, I’m using an already exciting app that I found open source in GitHub, but because I don’t need plenty of the things that this app include, so I spent some time removing and adapting features. And I’m happy about the result in both platforms, but there are still a few things to do in iOS.

My release plan

Because this is a weekends only pet project, I consider be productive and don’t waste time something vital in the development. That’s why I try to plan everything so I don’t have to think about what to do next, I already thought about it before.

In the last weeks I had the opportunity to travel to Vienna. It’s a really nice city that I recommend you to visit. While in my way to Austria I could have some time to plan the next steps.

I don’t going to bore you with too many details, but there are two important things in the planning that are in my mind always.

The deadline date, where both apps final beta versions should be finished, is 30th of September.

Before release it into the public, there will be a process, a major beta testing phase, where I will try to convince to around 100 people to try the app for a while.

If this both things become real, I will be able to release the app in production in November.

But, why I do it this way?

Well, I would like to pass before through a bunch of beta tester to get feedback that I haven’t had before and that will help me to find things that I couldn’t see. But also because I want to know if proceeding like this is good or for the next release is better to go for another approach. I like to experiment and learn with experiences.

Do you know any good betatesters platform?

I have seen a few one that looks pretty good, but most of them are intended for companies, and as a solo developer with no many resources, I’m looking for another kind of services and prices. I will keep looking and I will tell you if I find something interesting.

How many sounds do I have already?

I’m mainly the only contributor, so the sounds database doesn’t grow that fast. But I’m happy to have reached the milestone of 150 sounds. I wish I would have more time to follow the last events in the world and upload new sounds from this events. But the development is taking all my time. Hopefully, once I release the beta versions I will get a bit more time on weekends to upload a bunch of sounds every day.

That’s everything I wanted to tell you this week. Stay tuned so you can follow the progress of the development and the release of the app.