Can’t We Be One?

Inspired by the unity existing between Asklychee and Suli regardless of their differences.

Abraham Lincoln once had these immutable words to say: ‘you cannot subvert your neighbor’s right, without throwing a dangerous blow at yours’ The implication of these words, goes essentially to roots of our unity. A house divided upon itself obviously cannot stand. I agree that the complexities of modern world, has sparked up differences among people, but we admit our challenges are much, yet do not agree its because of these differences. I shouldn’t be misquoted. I’m not saying differences aren’t good. Far from that. What I’m saying is differences understood, is unity in disguise. This makes me wonder; can’t we be one? Be it that little boy out there without a silver spoon; or the child of a big’un living in luxury, provided we are of the same society, can’t we be one? Be it a Muslim so pious, or a Christian so conscious, provided we understand the spirituality of life, can’t we be one? Regardless of our locality or cultural background, knowing fully well that we belong to one society, can’t we do away with the idea of indigeneship, and uphold the virtues of citizenship? In the larger picture of the world, can’t we let go of our nationality if it means us standing for humanity? Can’t we understand that even though we share different pasts, the beam of our future unifies us much more than the delusions of the past? Can’t we see all this and be one? We see the black man form Nigeria being different in color from the white man in the U.S.A., but I simply see two people who share the same soul, capable of transmitting the same ideas. Then I wonder why can’t we be one?

So whether it is that young lad who is just delivered of, or that old chap accruing retirements benefits; whether it is that man observing his five daily prayers, or that woman humbly on her knees in front of the alter; whether it is that Yoruba man from the West, or that Nupe lady from the North; whether it is that patriotic Nigerian citizen, or that soldier pledging allegiance to the United States; whether it is that black man Lincoln fought for, or that white man Obama led; whether it is that fellow born with a golden spoon, or the other without a silver spoon…, we all have differences which we so appreciate, understand, and one that makes us unique in a way. But provided we see clearly that we share a common future, one where everyone has a quota to contribute, maybe we would understand that we can be one.

I hope this ignites something in you all.