She’s Your Child, She’s A Star

Yh! You tripped and fell

Everyone makes a mistake

Some put great things at stake

Others never get well

To you it’s your worst occurrence

Others pray for just this ‘one’

You never wished this nonsense

But the rain didn’t follow the sun

Because of your thin exposure

You met without wisdom and tripped

All that was traded was your composure

Just one night, all of his were achieved

While your Eve’s mouth tasted

And your Adam’s eye opened

The doctor’s confirmed

Your belly housed our ball

The streets made you sad

Tears rolled always from your young soul

In pains, you endured

In laughter, you over looked

In greetings, you pretended

In patience, you invested

In labor, you triumphed

Your hands could tell her size

Your back could tell her weight

Your breast cured her hunger

Your ear could match her cry

Because she’s your blood…your child

She’s all you have and all you need

Don’t shy to call her your daughter

And ‘mummy’ in her mouth won’t stagger

Lover her like she’s your whole life

And Mr. Right would take her like a wife

Tell her that she would be great

All she needs is ‘hard work’ and ‘faith’

Teach her the wonders in books

And the mystery in good looks

Teach her how to hide her tears

And battle her greatest fears

Teach her to be respectful

Because that’s what would make her joyful

Make her know life’s a test

Tell her everything needs her best

She should pursue being the first

And learn not to follow the rest

Always sing to her a new song

Yet never overlook her wrong

No matter how long…

Even the sun would know

That she’s a star

She’s your child

She’s a star

I’ve been writing this for days now. This came up partially as a birthday gift to YEMILO {whose mum is a teenage mother}, and partially also because of the high rate of teenage mothers who didn’t get married but have children; who are mothers but no husband around. This is my heart desire for you that you come to realize that he/she is your child, and a star. Tell me your thoughts y’all via comment. I’m anticipating!

Much love.


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