Being held hostage by a bank card company called Amscot

It was a beautiful day here in Wyoming, the leaves turning a golden hue, the deer prancing into view, and my fiance went to get money from her bank card issued by Amscot Mastercard company out of Florida. Guess what friends? No money on the card. Here it was Uncle Sam or Grandson Obama’s Social Security Administration deposited the money alright, but some foreign idiot manhandled the deposit by hand and guess what 3 -1/2 weeks now still no money on her card. Oh we had a brief ray of sunshine on Thursday, the money appeared for a brief moment nearly as fast as a comet streaking across the stratosphere it was gone except for maybe $8.00 what happened? Thing is when you deal with these conglomerates like Amscot who offers a prepaid Mastercard, when they screw the pooch , its hard if at all possible to get the people involved to own up to stubbing their toes.

The thing is they have no consideration that here my lady is waiting on that money to pay bills, her rent and school money, nope they do not care. Trouble is my lady is in Florida, I’m in Wyoming and since Wyoming and the Mountain West put up a no can do business in these parts law up, Amscot and others can’t do business in Wyoming, Utah or Idaho. But dig this, as much as the bad noise of Wells Fargo Bank and all that’s came out lately, outside of maybe 4 times in 10 years that I’ve been a client of Wells Fargo, every month come the first of each month by 7:00AM there’s always money in my account. My Marine pension, my Social Security and all is always on time. If there is a problem, a call or two gets the malfunction repaired. If not by phone in person. So my advice is to all of you, stay away from AMSCOT PREPAY MASTERCARD, and do business with a brick and mortar bank, like Wells Fargo.

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