In our humble clinic here in Rotterdam, I have the pleasure of seeing so many of you coming in and your energy brightens up our space. We’ve laughed together, shared stories together, cried together and healed together. The chance to do this with all of you, has for sure been a tremendous part of my Life Purpose.

Before we started this clinic, my family and I lived in a hill town in Southern India called Ooty. Ooty is located in the Nilgiris mountain range, a virgin territory of India that has been untouched and unaffected by the many foreign conquests of country. It’s a true reflection of India; culturally, physically and spiritually. Sai Baba of Shirdhi himself walked these hills and spoke of their beauty. We lived in the summer home of the Princess of Travancore. It was a wedding gift from the King to his daughter; a gesture of love.

These hills were my home for 15 years. My time spent there transformed me into who I am today. The slow pace taught me patience, the simple life taught me gratitude, and the quietness taught me dependence on my Master.

It is now my privilege to offer you the same experience and healing that I had. Our new program, the Healing Journeys, are spiritual trips to our Ashram in the Nilgiris. As a guest in our ashram, we offer you the chance to cook and taste authentic ayurvedic food, receive personalized yoga and meditation instructions from our experienced teachers, get therapies from our trained ayurvedic healers, and the rare opportunity to find yourself on the personal inner healing journey.

Thank You.

Sangitha Khosla

Co-Founder of Ayurveda Palms

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