Our story revolves around Ayush. He is a square, BTW, living in a 2 Dimensional world.

Ayush has a greater share of Introversion in is personality mix. Unlike extroverts, he doesn’t find the need to engage with people unless it is extremely necessary. You see, he has a world of his own, in which he mostly lives in. He is more concerned about his mental life than the external world.

Although it would take time to adjust, he does not do well when alone in a crowd of strangers. This is because he finds it difficult to initiate conversation with them.

He feels jealous of the extroverts in the fact that they can easily strike-up conversations with anybody. He just doesn’t understand how they do it. And so, at social gatherings, he sits in a corner gawking at people socialising.

The fact is, he just needs someone to initiate the conversation for him. It’s the first move that feels difficult for him. A common misconception is that introverts aren’t social “beings”. It’s wrong. They only find it difficult to socialize, or in most cases, prefer alone time.

Parties, Gatherings, etc. are a complete NO-NO, unless the occasion is really important. He finds cancellations of plans of parties, etc. a relief.

At some point, he needs some social interaction too, so he goes out, and reluctantly engages in observing a group of people talk. And alas! He is drained of this energy just minutes into the conversation and has the urge to get out as soon as possible.

The very phone call lasts for not more than 2 minutes, and every call he receives, he picks it up with reluctance. A talk-time recharge that would last days for an extrovert can last for months for him. He never calls someone directly, unless there’s no other way.

He has a very small circle of friends, and he takes a lot of time to make them. He feels that this is a good thing. He has only true friends. The process of making that close friend doesn’t happen over a fortnight. It could take years for him to get accustomed to someone. And when he does, he doesn’t find it difficult to interact with them, doing the silliest of things around them.

He does feel guilty at times when he isn’t able to express feelings/opinions. Sometimes, people look down on him because he is accused of facts he couldn’t directly express about, but he gets to observe and learn from these.

e understands being an introvert has nothing to do with the fairness in life. Life is fair for him. He does everything extroverts are capable of doing. Even public speaking. He feels that it’s a choice to be extroverted at times, and he does choose to be, when needed. Introversion is a way of living life, and he feels it’s a better one.

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