Next on USA, the Reality Show…

We have a government of the people, by the people, for the people, and it shall not perish from the Earth.

No matter how much it hurts us with the mistakes we have made in our selections of that government.

I am a Independent Centralist. This means I do not lean Left, I do not lean Right, I am not a Conservative, and I am not a Liberal. I sit firmly in the middle of it all; taking a bit from everything and forging a sane even stance that I look at the big picture through.

It also means that I hate Republicans…

I also hate Democrats…

Hate Libertarians too…

I think our governmental system is broken, corrupted and in a serious need of a modern day overhaul and cleaning up. The two main party system needs to be abolished, the electoral college needs to be destroyed, career politicians need to be banned and all offices need to have term limits that cap out just like the presidential office does.

If you start off as a governor work your way to a senator then a congressman and by that time you are hitting twenty years in politics, you are done. Here is your gold watch have a piece of cake and there is the door. No one should be sitting in office for more than eight years for any position.

Once you leave office you are not allowed to come back as a lobbyist. Lobbying should be illegal; period. Corporations have no business bothering politicians, wining and dining politicians or having secret back room meetings with them. They have their greedy little fingers in everyone’s pies all in the name of getting rich.

Politicians, Corporate members and Wall Street bankers should be held to the exact same legal standards as the common man/woman. If you break the law then you do not get to walk away with a couple of million in severance. You don’t get to pay a fine that you then write off in your taxes and get back.

You get charged, you go to trial. A jury of your peers, meaning everyday people like you and I, get to sit and listen to what they have done and decide if they need to go sit in a prison for awhile. Their prison should not be a country club either. Prison was not meant to be enjoyable; it is a punishment meant to teach you the error of your ways so you will not do it again.

Now we have our current situation. We got here because people are tired, they are poor, they are mad, they are desperate and they bought the bullshit of a huckster. He got up and peddled snake oil, smoke and mirrors, and false promises of a better tomorrow. He spewed false information, fed insecurities, pushed all the right buttons and now we have a con man who has run the biggest con about to take control of one of the most powerful nations in the world.

We could blame it on everyone else but in the end it is our own fault. Each and every one of us enabled this.

We have built a society that has allowed for the bullshitters and con artists to get ahead while they climb over the backs of the masses. As a nation we might bitch and moan but we do not take action to firmly correct the problems within our own government.

Did you know we have the right to remove elected officials outside of the standard voting periods? If we feel a governor, senator, congressman or president is not working towards the goals that we, the people of the nation, feel they should be working towards we have the right to call for a vote to recall them, remove them or impeach them?

When our elected officials started passing the laws that favored the corporations over the working class and made the workers suffer; it was and continues to be within our power to remove the people who have enacted those laws and replace them with individuals we feel will correct the errors?

But instead we go off and we “protest” (whine, bitch, moan and at times riot) or we do “sit ins”

We have a man who is a proven misogynist, more than likely a racist, definately a bigot and he is bringing in people just like himself to run the country.

The next four years are going to be interesting but I would not count on America being great again.

Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth. ~ Abraham Lincoln