I have a nightmare…
Aditya Aserkar

Aditya, you’d have me in fumes if i was planning to move to B’lore now.

I lived in B’lore between 2005 & 2013 . I relocated from B’lore to the G.C.C in late 2013 & at that time i can say things were bad, but this is a shocker!

Being a sales guy, i rode my Bike [Mostly] , car [rarely] , bus [only from Airport to JP Nagar] and lastly metro . The main roads where I lived initially around BTM, then JP Nagar and lastly Hosur Road were, let's say in good condition. Service roads & roads inside colony, just like cream wafer, 2 to 3 days of rains and …..potholes. The wafer like road would “come off” or sort of slide off .

Traffic was in woeful state since 2007 i remember and just couple of hours of rains after 3 pm ANY FRIGGIN DAY , the whole CITY used to come to a standstill.

Drenched wet…walking home seemed only natural.

Leaving B’lore , i wondered if the Metro, new flyovers & new SEZ would ease traffic & road conditions.

I can't say that i will never go back to B’lore again. Watching videos , news & reading things now in 2017 still makes me wonder….what's next in another 5 to 10 yrs from now.