Hollywood and the Business of Fear

Hollywood has arguably been at the core of how our world operates. It has injected billion of dollars worth of investment into arts and culture. It has created jobs worldwide, simultaneously wrecking lives and creating millionaires. It has claimed franchise at defining cultures and in that it has misrepresented and offended almost every culture out there, while at times getting it right as well. And it has been the driving force behind contemporary American psyche. How we see ourselves, despite how independent we think we are, is somewhere influenced by the narrative, music, and films produced by this mammoth industry. The difference in the past two decades is that now ‪#‎Hollywood‬ is openly used to perpetuate ‪#‎hate‬, stereotypes, ‪#‎racism‬, ‪#‎xenophobia‬ and ‪#‎islamophobia‬.

It was different back them. The level of intelligence in films was much higher. So much has changed in the past 20 years.

Take this film for example. Not many people know the 1996 movie ‘@The Long Goodnight Kiss’ starring Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson was part of an underground movement which aimed to generate more public interest in female action stars. They couldn’t get a lot of major support from the industry, and some of the other reigning mainstream female stars ended up actively working against the movement. Filming was primarily done in‪#‎Canada‬. Some elaborate scenes were shot at the 150-year-oldWindermere Hotel in Muskoka, Ontario. They say the Windermere Houseburned to the ground during the filming and the production equipment lights were blamed for the fire. Some claim it was a short-circuit, irrespective, nothing was proven. The film was shot in other parts of the province as well. One scene is clearly shot in Toronto, at the corner of ‪#‎Bathurst‬ and ‪#‎Bloor‬Streets. The Honest Ed’s storefront is clearly visible.

The Long Goodnight Kiss 1996

But I digress.

What is it they say Art imitating life imitating art eh? This video excerpt from the film is a very potent reminder of the forces at play trying to destabilise the world to accomplish their agenda. In the excerpt, the intelligence agent creates a chemical bomb and proudly professes he would blame the Muslims. When Charly’s (‪#‎GeenaDavis‬) character finds out his plans, he brings her in and is about to kill her. When she asks why he is doing this, he is not remorseful at all. In fact, he lays it all out. He admits that he did not get enough funding from congress for his covert operations overseas. He resorted to hiring mercenaries with the US intelligence agencies to commit acts of terror on American soil to scare the congress into getting the budgets approved.

Just think about this for a moment, THIS WAS 20 YEARS AGO. If you think that the current world chaos is caused by ordinary people, then this one video should change the way how you look at anything from this day on. Imagine, again, this was 20 years ago — a writer sitting back in early 90’s writes a screenplay about US intelligence agencies including ‪#‎CIA‬, and its use of #Islamophobia and ‪#‎terrorism‬ to pressure the congress to give him the funding he needs. Not only is the idea NOT fetched, but any reasonable man can legitimately some really scary conclusions henceforth. If you can’t, then you are missing the big picture.

We the people need peace. The American public even has spoken, and they would’ve had their say, had their election system was not a complete farce. Canadian have always tried to be responsible when it comes to legislations and law enforcement — and we expressed this through our mandate in this last election.

Moving on, whether is it the case of Abdirahman Abdi’s death at the hands of police, or the recent B.C. judge ruling that the ‪#‎RCMP‬ actually abused and entrapped a needy poor Muslim convert couple forcing them to almost commit an act of terrorism, Canadians must continuously stay vigilant. We need to identify all those acts which serve insidious agendas and aim to break us apart. My Canada is a progressive, loving and responsible Canada where I want my children to grow up in. One devoid of any fear of the State, the law enforcement agencies and of our neighbours.

Sorry just had to get this out. Watch the video . Share it on your own timeline with your own comments.

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