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Time well spent

When applying for the internship, we were all drawn by Azimo’s mission as a remittance company to help people send money to their loved ones back home for less. Once we joined, we were able to see the true passion and dedication of the team (both in London and in Krakow!) who work together to make this mission a reality.

The behind-the-scenes teamwork and Azimo’s detailed and organised infrastructure allows people to make their transfers at super competitive prices, all in just a few clicks. …

International Women’s Day is a date to recognise the pioneering efforts of women all around the world, while also raising awareness of continued inequality.

However, it’s just one day a year.

On average, around the world men still take home 75% more in wages. In the workplace, women are still widely discriminated against, especially at the higher levels of organisations. In the FinTech sector, a mere 17% of senior executives are women. There are still far too many FinTech conferences and events that rarely see more than a handful of women in attendance.

Azimo Chief Commercial Officer Dora Ziambra goes…

Sending money-9 things to know

When sending money, you’ll want a cheap, fast and above all safe service that you can rely on no matter where you’re sending to — whether it’s from Morocco or Mauritius.

But choosing the company that’s right for you can be tricky. Here’s a run-down of some important questions you should ask yourself to make it a bit easier!

  1. Can I trust them?

The number one thing you need is a partner that you can trust, so you know your payments are going to be secure.

Always check that your money transfer company is FCA regulated. …

By Marta Krupinska, Co-Founder and General Manager, Azimo

Today’s consumers are demanding a new level of convenience, which has led to the huge popularity of companies such as Uber and Deliveroo — and it’s the same when it comes to financial management. In February this year, HSBC announced the closure of 62 branches across the UK in light of the fact that 93 per cent of its contact with its customers is now conducted over the phone, via the internet or through the bank’s smartphone app.

The future of finance

This is a trend that’s only set to continue growing…

As a Filipino living abroad, there are some things your non-Pinoy friends will just never get about your culture — you know, those little things that help to make the Philippines what it is. So if you’re daydreaming of long days spent lazing on palm-fringed beaches, you’ll definitely relate to these 7 Filipino quirks and traditions!

And if you’re looking to send money home, check out this post about our lightning-fast upgrade to the speed of our Philippines money transfers!

1. You miss the white sands of home

Back home, weekends and holidays mean lazing on white-sand beaches and dipping…

South America’s second-largest country stretches for more than 3,500 kilometres, from the astoundingly beautiful Iguazu Falls on the border with Brazil to the windswept archipelago of Tierra del Fuego… from the cosmopolitan capital of Buenos Aires to the world’s southernmost city… from towering Andean peaks to vast Atlantic beaches.

Intrigued? Azimo has lined up six brilliant reasons to explore this extraordinary country of contrasts. And if you’re looking to transfer money overseas to Argentina, simply visit our dedicated Argentina country page to get started and enjoy our brilliant rates and same-day delivery!

YOU CAN get soaked by the world’s largest…

Rule 1: Treat each language as if it was your main one

Rolling out successful English experiments across other languages using basic translation techniques simply isn’t good enough. There are so many idiosyncrasies to keep in mind — gender, adverbs, formal vs informal, etc — that a basic translation won’t do the trick, even between relatively similar languages such as French, Spanish and Italian.

Fête des Mères, Día de la Madre, Ziua Mamei — whatever you call it, Mother’s Day is a special event across the globe. Mothering Sunday takes place in March or early April in the UK, Ireland and Nigeria, but many other countries celebrate their mums in May. Here are 7 of the best!


Mexico takes Mother’s Day very seriously indeed. It’s always on 10th May, whatever day of the week it happens to be, and it’s the busiest day of the year for restaurants, with some 200,000 extra waiters turning up for work! …

Miroslaw Stanek, Azimo’s Head of Mobile Development, checked out F8, Facebook’s annual developer conference, in California last month and found plenty to…

Azimo allows people to transfer money all across the world and our affiliate website partners play an invaluable role in promoting our business and attracting new customers to our service — ever since launching our affiliate programme, these websites have helped to create brand awareness and ensure more people are able to transfer money cheaper, faster and more easily. And in return, they receive a healthy financial reward for their efforts.

Interested in joining us? Here are 5 brilliant reasons to become an Azimo affiliate:

1. Multiple corridors, minimal fees

With a business servicing over 190 countries and more than…


The better way to transfer money worldwide.

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