Why I will never wear a suit for work?

(My typical work dress)

There have been a couple of people asking me why I don't "DRESS WELL" for work. So I would like to spend a couple of minutes this morning writing this post.

First, it's not freezing cold here, it is not even close. And second it's not because I don't want a job, but rather I don't want to label success and class to a suit. If you really do dress for the job, then I'm going to dress in jeans and t-shirt.

Maybe I'm spoiled, or maybe I'm just honest. Maybe I see adulthood differently. Maybe I don't understand why you have to be uncomfortable to do good work. Maybe I'm part of a new generation, one that places value on the work we're doing rather than the clothes we're doing them in.

Change is hard. This I know. But if there is one thing I neeed you to understand, it's that just because I'm not gliding along the corporate path the way you envisioned, doesn't mean I'm not working.

just because I'm not dressing up doesn't mean I'm dressing down my options. Just because I refuse to wear a suit, doesn't mean I won't be great.

So why don't I wear a suit, shirt or tie to work?

1. Because I'm passionate about the dream, not the paycheck
2. Because I want to have a voice, not a pension plan.
3. Because I'm into celebrating small successes not just the big goal.
4. Because I don't follow rules blindly and a suit, shirt and tie makes no sense. 
5. Because I want to work for a vision I believe in, not one that dictates my wardrobe.
6. Because I want to enjoy my work, not resent it. 
7. Because I want to feel like I'm a part of a family, not a team.
8. Because I don"t want to spend money on clothes I hate wearing.

Saying that, what matters to me is the value I put into my work and creating a legacy. Because not a single day you can say I don't work well because of a suit and tie. You can never beat my hustle. That is the reason I'm always ahead of the game. Always. Cheers for a good day!