Book Review: Lion — A Long Way Home

Source: Penguin Random House

Lion is one of the most amazing stories I have ever read. The book will take you through the traumatic journey of an underpriviliged Indian boy (Saroo) from “Ginestlay” who gets lost after traveling with his brother, and in a strange turn of events ends up in the big city of Calcutta (now known as Kolkata). 
While he is lost, Saroo ends up facing many challenges, but he is saved every time by the kindness of strangers. “Kindness … saved my life”
From the streets of Calcutta, he is taken to an orphanage, where he is adopted by an Australian couple (the Brierly’s), and goes to live with them in Tasmania, Australia. While in Australia, he lives the normal life of a boy, and becomes an “Australian.” During his college days, he started befriending International students from India. Which led him to want to trace back his life to where he is from, and find his family. He started by asking his friends, but to no avail. Then he finds Google Earth, and spends years and years searching and tracing back his steps “home.”

His story is quite touching due to the turn of events that take place in order for him to get lost, saved, adopted, and eventually find home. 
The book will leave you feeling emotional, and inspired.

This book is a biography, and it’s also fiction, self-help, and educational.