Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, The Iqama for prayer was called, but Jassim could not remember what he was doing before he started walking towards the mosque. He kept trying to remember.

Jassim woke up in a destroyed building, everything felt strange to him. All of a sudden, a mass of people were running his way. He got up and ran with them. As he was running at full speed, an arm came out of a room, and pulled him in. It was dark. He didn’t think about the arm that grabbed him. He wasn’t thinking about anything. All he was trying to do was catch his breath. He then realized that everything got so quiet, so quickly. As if nothing had happened — as if that building was not real, nor those people running for, what looked like to Jassim, their lives.
Then, all of a sudden, a bright light shone through the small opening in the door. Jassim opened it, took a step, only to find himself plunging into nothing. It was only a few seconds, but to him, it slowly started to feel like minutes, after minutes, it started to feel like hours, after hours, it started to feel like days.

Jassim woke up. He was on a hospital bed, but there was nothing wrong with him. He looked around to find that the room was empty. Only a few rusty chairs, and nothing even attached to him. A nurse walked by the room. “HEY!” He yelled. The nurse passed, walked back a bit, then leaned her head. She stuck her head in, looked left and right. She had a bemused look on her face. He yelled again “HEY! I’m right here!” 
The nurse shook her head, and kept walking. One of her colleagues saw her, and asked her what was wrong. “I swear, I thought I heard a voice from that room.” She answered 
Jassim was extremely confused as to what was happening. First I was walking towards a mosque, I’m not even sure if that was real or not, then I was in a destroyed building with people running for their lives, and now I’m here. What’s going on? He was thinking to himself. I better get out of here before I go insane.
He tried to get out of bed, which itself made him feel heavy. As soon as he got on his feet, the earth crashed and swallowed him.

He was in a dark room again. He screamed, and said “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? WHO THE FFFFUCK IS PLAYING WITH ME?” 
There was a bright light shining through the edges of what looked like a sewage hole, a light similar to the one that was shining through the door earlier. He stopped, his heart was beating faster and faster each second, but why? He did not know — he was not scared or nervous, he was simply curious.
Should I open it? What if I go back to that hospital I was in? But there’s nothing here as well. I mean, it’s better than here for sure.
Jassim opened the hole, but before he jumped in, he heard a voice. A sound. Like a crowd of people yelling at each other. He tried to find where it came from. But it was gone as soon as it came.
All of a sudden the room had no walls. Jassim started walking, trying to find that sound. Every time he thought he was getting closer to it, it got further and further away. 
He started running, and running, and running. He couldn’t stop. He felt as if he’d been running for days — like he felt when he was plunging towards nothing.

Jassim woke up in a white room. Everything was bright, he could barely open his eyes. 
All of a sudden, that voice, the same voice he heard for a second in that dark room, was back, but much louder, much closer. It was so close, it sounded like it was inside his brain. It kept getting louder, and louder, and louder until he fainted.

Jassim woke up with men in all-white kandoras standing around him. Some were crying, some were throwing dirt on him. He didn’t try to talk, yell, or scream. He thought of it. He figured it out. He was in his grave, he was being buried.

Everything got dark.