Sybil Attack by Pump & Dump Groups on Social Media?

The past fortnight we have had a dramatic increase in spam across multiple social media platforms, Slack, Reddit & Telegram.

Id like to show some interesting screenshots, one of the first things I noticed was spammers individually weren't spamming just one group, often one user would spam multiple Pump & Dump groups or bots.

Today bitcoin had a much needed correction, considering the uncertainty of Segwit & Segwit2x id be surprised if we didn’t dip deeper. Like clockwork 10+ users all started to post the same or very similar messages across all groups, with people responding saying “Thanks, didn’t know that” or “That’s great” all of whom were new users. Look at the names posting these messages, they’re pump & dump groups.

The fact all these messages started around the same time, the fact we have single users posting different groups, the fact new groups keep popping up every few days in an attempt to get around our spam filters makes me conclude this spam is a coordinated attack, to try and discredit our communities.

The biggest pump group on telegram has 18.4k members, their last 3 posts (prior to today) have an average of 4.7k views, which means they’re only reaching 25% of their members.

CryptoAlerts has 3.8k members, their last 3 posts (prior to today) have an average of 3.9k views, with a reach of 102% of its members.

My conclusion is the pump groups have been buying fake members, which explains their very low view count, question is why are they spamming Segwit2x?

I have my conclusions for that & so should you.