Venture Capital invest ouside Bockchain

by Key Lab s.r.l. Azzini Alex

According to the last web call of investor of the top investment brand Pantera Capital, of the global investment veicle III, it’s clear that the smart investor has change their way to invest :

Ico funding is growing, but not so much as VC investments.

And this type of investment are different from the first one, in fact they are financing directly the business sending them real money in the seed investment for a hybrid conterparty, stocks, A or B, Token or other

So the deal grow but this investor don’t buy BTC, ETH on the market, normaly they have real money to use.

In conclusion as appened on nasdaq we are in the adoption of industry but not in the increasing time of price.

Instead this chart is helping us to understand how much ICO are attracting investor, but not all this USD are really coverted in real usd dollar.