It will cost TRILLIONS of dollars to upgrade the grid and distribution networks to handle large…
Michelle Stirling

I’m not sure what you’re suggesting.

  1. Hydro power is a renewable energy source. And as of 2015, it contributed to about 16.6% of the world’s energy production. Wind and solar contribute 3% and 1.3% respectively, so 20.9% of the world’s energy production is already renewable energy (plus more for geothermal, marine/tidal, etc. which contribute minor-ly).
  2. Power plants, even fossil fuel (coal / natural gas, etc.) are A LOT more efficient than the internal combustion engine of a car. The question really needs to come down to total system efficiency though, for which I’ve no
  3. I’m not sure what self-driving cars has to do with electricity production, nor what it has to do car accidents.
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