Furaha Asani (formerly 'Orisirisi')

Just this week, I was contemplating what to do with my hair ( a bi-weekly conversion with myself since I’ve been transitioning my hair to its original state). However, these are conversations in my head that I normally have with myself but this week I voiced my dilemma. Deciding if I should get braids because of the constant heat here in Hotlanta or straighten it because honestly it’s whats familiar to me, I decided I needed a poll from the ones who see me everyday “co-workers” who are like family to me. My black co-workers (male and female )were like “this is a no brainer get the braids” they even celebrated how well I was doing with transitioning and helped me find other styles to experiment with just incase I didn’t want braids. My white co workers (2 to be exact) were really the ones who made my decision easier. When asked the same question they looked at me and said “ No braids it’s ghetto, and you’re not that type of girl" one even went on to say “ you look your best when you wear the blonde weave in your hair it’s the prettiest on you and you’re more approachable". I did get offended at first but then I realized they’re only regurgitating what society says about WOC and it’s up to us to take our power back. Not only by beautifying ourselves on the outside but believing we are really beautiful on the inside. That type of confidence and radiance lights a room even when the world wants to dim it.

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