You may be wondering about how could one do that so that he/she doesn’t need to use an external alarm to wake up at a certain time.

Well, this is doable (without using any drugs).

The guide below is something I came up with after managing to do that (a few years from the time of writing this).

Disclaimer: I don’t claim to be an expert in sleep studies, I just experimented and read a variety of documents on sleep and tested something that works.

To be able to control your internal clock, you need to have a consistent sleep pattern (at least within the 2 weeks before you start using this technique) as it can affect the effectiveness of that technique. …

I’m using EssenceJS (version 1.1) which is a framework I made to fill in the gaps on the repeative parts of my JS (generally DHTML) codes without relying on other people’s libraries/frameworks and by developing reusable codes myself.

You may think: why is he re-inventing the wheel on X, Y and Z ?
Well, the reasons, as to why I did this, are the following:

  • I would rather make something from scratch (even if it already exist) to know how to build it, how it works behind the scenes and to see how each ways of building it would affect the performance/speed/efficiency of the thing. …

The Vs. Writing Challenge — my take on it

Functional Programming or Object Oriented Programming ?

I choose OOP because I’m more acostumed to this paradigm ever since I got more fluent in languages where OOP/Prototypal Programming was the way to go (e.g: …

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