Philadelphia Restaurant Hosts Annual Oktoberfest Celebration

Local Bar Brauhaus Schmitz hosted its seventh annual celebration of Oktoberfest on the 700 block South Street, delighting patrons to beer, bratz, and German cuture.

Tents stretching down several blocks of South Street form makeshift beer halls for the several thousand people attending Oktoberfest.

In addition to food and beer by the pint-load, Brauhaus Schmitz had a local Oom-pah band playing through the days festivities.

The band, along with several dancers, reenact the dance Steinkopf, reminiscent of the same dance performed at the 1974 Munich World Cup.
In addition to Steinkopf, the dancers also performed Schuplattler, or the German Wood Chopping Dance, a traditional Bavarian dance in which four men chop logs and are served beer from maidens in steins.
Brauhaus Schmitz’s cooking staff was on hand, serving up giant Bavarian pretzels, whole smoked hogs, and different kinds of German Wurst. Brauhaus Schmitz head chef, Jeremy Nolen (interviewed off camera) says that “it’s the opportunity to show just how incredible Oktoberfest can be when brought to Philadelphia, and that it’s amazing to see South Street become a giant beer hall every year.
Oktoberfest goers like Mike Rock, a 26 year old accountant from Manayunk, while being dressed in traditional lederhosen, says that what he thinks keeps people coming back to this particular Oktoberfest in Philadelphia every year is that “it’s just like Oktoberfest in Munich, only on a smaller scale, but it’s still awesome seeing people come together to drink beer”.